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high seas: project scope

Bill MarrComment
high seas: project scope

This is a work in progress. A proof of concept.

The initial goal of this project is to bring a ground-truthing and personalization to the incredible mapping data from Climate Central's Surging Seas. A rise of only 5 feet above the current sea level, which projections indicate are possible before the end of the century, will drastically change the coastlines we know and love, particularly on the low-lying East coast of the U.S. It's sobering to look at the mapping and the steady inundation of populated and unpopulated areas. This personal project offers the chance to see what will be lost—or saved with heroic effort. And there's hope that technology and ingenuity will build new, better cities while preserving the heritage left behind. How do we plan ahead so that the people who live in these areas do not become refugees in their own country? 


• More locations.

• Animated maps for all locations.

• Three areas of focus: 1) Populated areas, 2) Historical sites, 3) Protected areas (national and state refuges, seashores, parks).

• How do we adapt? Or how do we move millions of people inland?


First stage (current): What will be under water

Second Stage: Who will be affected. Interviews, portraits, video. Conversations with residents and city and state planners about strategies: do they move or is thee a strategy to stay?

Third Stage: Become a forum for solutions. How do we combine common sense with technology and planning to create a better world?

  • Relate what's on the ground with mapping data projections.
  • Listen to residents about what will be lost and to strategies that city and state governments will implement.
  • Create a forum to share strategies for adaptation.