NAT Geo covers

(more to come)

As National Geographic Creative Director, I put together nearly nine years of covers. We received honors from the American Society of Magazine Editors, Society of Illustrators and The Society of Publication Designers. It was always an interesting, sometimes frustrating, challenge to create maximum impact on a small-format magazine cover with a built-in, half-inch yellow frame in place. But there's no getting around the effect of that yellow-border trademark. More often than not, our subscribers looked for classic NatGeo. But our newsstand sales were usually better with bolder type treatments. A delicate dance.

Memorable covers that I hope to discuss sometime in the future: Water (creating the best drops), Who Murdered the Mountain Gorillas? (a language discussion), Cleopatra (artwork by Sam Weber), Teenage Brain (inspired concept by artist and friend Sam Hundley), The Other Humans (really it's the making of Wilma, a full-scale model of a Neanderthal by the Dutch artists, the Kennis Brothers).

This video for the 125th Anniversary Edition of Nat Geo is my favorite tablet cover. Kathryn Carlson was the video editor. She improved my original idea and made it memorable.


Nothing demonstrates the powerful reach of the National Geographic brand like this: the reproduction of the April 2010 Water special issue as it appeared on our local-language partner editions.